Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cuddle me!

Dang. It's amazing how time gets away when you are otherwise engaged.

I love my dog.
This post is prompted by two photos. The first (right) shows my son hugging Trevor. The affection is real, and I think he views Faith with the same degree of affection. At the moment, Trevor is a little easier for him. Trevor and Faith are about the same age, but Trevor seems to be settling into the "mature, calmer dog" pattern. I've seen Alex cuddle Faith in very much the same way, but for the moment it seems to be easier with Trevor.

From my son's perspective, the effect of Trevor "settling down" is that Trevor is more predictable. In practice, this means that when my son teases or stimulates Trevor, the outcomes are less likely to result in tears.

I love his iPad.
His relationship with Faith, on the other hand, is shown at left. Faith is obsessed with images and reflections, and will cheerfully spend hours putting her head between child and iPad and drooling on both. To Alex, it must seem as if Trevor is interested in him where Faith is interested in his device. It isn't true, though Faith's deafness does make her less likely to respond to "My little person is in the next room crying, I better go see what's wrong." As all parties mature, I'm fairly sure that any preference will evaporate. For the moment, Alex seems more comfortable with Trevor.